¡Otra vez el bendito Auto Stop! En este vídeo el conductor recoge a dos jóvenes chicas llamadas Nadia y Lea a pie de carretera, son muy simpáticas y abiertas, les encanta hablar, el viaje es muy ameno hasta que una de ellas pide hacer una pequeña parada porque se está meando! El conductor va tras ella cuando la chica se esconde tras unos pequeños arbustos... y la escena termina con un pedazo de polvo espectacular al aire libre! Muy muy bueno!
So I'm just walking along the street and I spot a women with amazing sexy eyes. As I approached her and gave some bullshit story about being a tourist and looking for a castle, I actually recognised... Nicola is a young student with beautiful natural tits, Are you going to lose as convinced to fuck me in exchange for a handful of euros?
Qué linda es Jimena, tiene carácter y es adorable, cosa que nos encanta. Además, que chicas españolas aparezcan en PublicAgent siempre es una buena noticia; como ya pasaron Amarna Miller, Samia Duarte, Julia de Lucía o Brenda Boop. Este vídeo de tipo pilladas ya sabéis que más o menos guardan casi todos la misma línea argumental, una breve conversación, aceptar el trato, y sexo de corte POV en cualquier sitio improvisado. Lo que no tienen todos es un culazo como el de Jimena, y ese cuerpazo natural que es tan difícil de encontrar.
Julia de Lucía se ha quedado sin sitio para dormir en una ciudad que no conoce, está algo desesperada porque le asusta la situación, pero menos mal que encuentra consuelo y techo en una persona anónima que se ofrece a solucionar su problema durante esa noche. Tras unos lloros y algo de interacción, ella acaba dándose una ducha en el baño de este tipo, y por supuesto, éste no puede evitar espiarle e incluso ir más allá.
It was a relief to find someone who spoke great English. I am in Budapest, and I am pretend to be lost just so I can talk to this sexy blonde. When I approached Jemma Valentine I tried to talk to her in Hungarian, but she did not understand a word I said because she was actually Canadian. So we could talk in English. I asked her if she could help me find my way back to my hotel.
Ho Ho Ho...It's Christmas time!! I spot a cute young women looking at Christmas tree's. I walk over to her and pretend that I am the shopping centre Santa Claus. I tell her that I can offer her 10... Never a normal young girl, the street becomes an insatiable nifomana than capable of making very strong sex!
Armed with his trusty camcorder, and a wallet full of cash, the Public Agent goes out on the streets to find the next Top Model...or so they think! With the promise of modelling contracts, fame and fortune, these girls will do anything to get their dream job.
Natalee had a really nice figure that I spotted from quite a distance. I really had to run fast to catch up with her. When I explained to her that I was from a modelling agency, she did not want. It's a hot and sunny day here in Prague and the day gets even better when I spot a sexy black haired babe sitting by herself. An opportunity not to be missed. I give her my fake story about me being.
Too easy is how I would describe getting inside Cameron?s 18 year old pussy. She is young and not wise to the word of horny men. I approach her and use all my charm to convince her that I could?
Blonde Lola Taylor had just finished working at the hotel where I was staying. I waited for her outside and approached her as she walked down the street. I asked her if she knew of any sex clubs?

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